Strategy Development, Back-testing and Optimization

With beeTrader it is possible to automate a trading strategy. Using the historical data of your favorite broker, you can generate, back-test and optimize your trading strategy, before you run your strategy automatically in real-market.

Strategy Development

You can automate your trading ideas by exploiting the potential and ease of use of the integrated programming language, EasyScript. With the use of the functions already present or with the creation of new ones you can instruct beeTrader to trade automatically.


The strategy backtest is a fundamental tool for understanding whether the strategy is profitable or not. The backtest simulates the strategy on the historical data of the instrument and therefore generates the corresponding orders so it is possible to analyze the results.


Every tool, every timeframe, every historical period has its own characteristics, which is why it is very difficult for the same strategy to always go well. Strategy optimization helps to find the best parameters.

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