Multifunctional DOM

The trading book, also called DOM (Depth of Market), is a very important tool for all traders. The DOM functionality has all the standard features but has been enriched with more functions, to facilitate Smart Move functionality and ease of use.


The DOM or trading book, is intuitive providing an immediate reading of the functions. Traders can send market orders, stop or limit orders. beeTrader can automatically send the stop or limit order depending on the price indicated and the price of the asset. The order price can be entered manually or selected by scrolling the mouse wheel. The Smart Move function is very useful for low-liquid instruments. It allows you to send an order and modify it automatically if it is not executed.

Smart Move

The Smart Move functionality allows traders to re-send orders that are not executed on higher or lower price levels, in a specified time frame.

Edit order

The order can be changed directly from the DOM. After clicking the Edit Order button, the elements necessary for modifying the last order entered are shown in the DOM.

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