Automating strategies

Automate any trading idea, on any asset and in any time frame. With the user-friendly EasyScript programming language, traders can program and automate strategies. Run the backtest first and then the strategy in paper trading mode, to test its profitability. And finally, execute the strategy in real-time.

Writing the Trading System

With the EasyScript language it is possible to write your own trading idea and automate it through beeTrader which will execute the instructions.
A very complete tool allows the analysis of EasyScript outputs to verify the correctness of what we have written.
Even the most complicated features become simple by following the beeTrader’s online manual you find at this link.

Data analysis

Each trading system requires careful verification of the results. The trader must have all the information available to verify that the results obtained are not due to sporadic events and that there are no consecutive draw-downs that are too consistent, as well as of course hundreds of other statistical information that make up the “character” of the trading system.

Real market

Once we have verified all the results of the backtests we can continue to test the trading systems with real data in Paper-Trading before moving on to execute the real market orders.

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