Chart Trading

Chart Trading is one of the most common types of discretionary trading. Seeing the formation of the graph of an instrument and using indicators makes it easier to make decisions. beeTrader makes it possible to carry out many types of orders and modify them simply and quickly.

Enter an order via the menu

You can click anywhere on the graph to send orders at that price level, or send market orders. Depending on the level chosen and the last price of the beeTrader tool, it will send a stop or limit order that you will see on the chart. You can also insert an alert line, where beeTrader will notify you when crossed.

Change an order via drag & drop

For a trader it is essential to send an order at the right price. With beeTrader you can easily select and drag your already sent order and move it to the price level you want. By clicking on the order quantity, a menu appears that allows you to quickly change the quantity of that order.

Bracket Orders

beeTrader allows you to send Bracket orders. Bracket orders are orders with a stop loss and take profit level. Traders can choose to set levels on a specific price or on the percentage change of the instrument. You can also link multiple orders to send at once and turn them into OCO, or Order Cancel Order. When one of these will be executed the others will be deleted.


The DOM or depth of market, provides an intuitive view of the trading functions. You can send market, stop, or limit orders. beeTrader can automatically send the stop or limit order depending on the price of the asset. The order price can be entered manually or selected by scrolling the mouse wheel.

The Smart Move function is very useful for low-liquid instruments. It allows you to send an order and modify it automatically if it is not executed. This function helps to vary the price entered by adding the number of ticks selected by the user after the time set by the trader.

Smart Move

With the Smart Move function enabled, the Ticks and Seconds fields are available. Then you can choose after how many seconds you can change the not executed order and how many ticks should be added.

Edit Order

The order can be changed directly from the DOM. After clicking the Edit Order button, the elements necessary for modifying the last order entered are shown in the DOM.

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