Built upon the trading philosophy of founder Tiziano Cagalli.

BeeTrader trading software was created from more than 40 years of trading experience by founder Tiziano Cagalli.

Tiziano and his PlayOptions team of experienced traders and developers have educated many retail traders in Italy on how to trade the financial markets in the best way possible for decades.

After trading the financial markets for over 20 years since the 90’s, Tiziano realized that the difference between professional and retail traders was not a lack of knowledge but a lack of easy to use technology. This led up to the creation of the most comprehensive retail trading software in the market, where traders can analyze and automate every trading idea they have using every asset available through their preferred broker.

BeeTrader gives retail traders the edge they need. From simple chart trading to combining and analyzing every component of an asset or a strategy that a trader has in mind.

” beeTrader is the outcome of my goal to automate all my trading strategies that we at PlayOptions have constructed throughout the years, giving us the edge we need to defeat the financial markets. This software can help you make better decisions but also gives you more time to come up with new ideas to become more profitable.

I hope beeTrader helps you to reach your goals.”

Tiziano Cagalli

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