Scenario analysis with What-If

Study the changes and corrections against movements of the underlying, volatility and time, which can be set by the user. A complete environment where you can study your plan "B" just to never find yourself against the market or to know how and when to intervene. You can graphically see up to 4 different payoff hypotheses and then choose the best one. With the What-If function you will never be surprised by market movements!

Scenario analysis

What happens if…..? The most common question among traders today can be answered. The function of the What-If section is precisely to answer this question. The multiple settings allow you to simulate any future scenario and to be able to search for the best solution for strategy’s transformation.

Keep track of your study

With the What-If history you can keep track of the changes you have planned as market conditions change, such as the price of the underlying, the volatility and the days to expiry.
Now you know exactly which options to open, close and hedge to thus have control of your strategy until expiration.

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