Options Strategy builder

A complete range of tools to build and manage option strategies. Analyze every aspect of an options strategy, optimize and automate your hedge, set your profit and loss levels and manage the risk parameters.

Strategy Builder

The strategy builder allows traders to add and remove legs of the strategy, view the P&L, break-even points, and much more. It is very easy to add and change hedging parameters, plan actions with flowcharts and manage orders to different brokers. Create, build and manage your option strategies in the most comprehensive way possible.


Visualize the structure of your strategy, and analyze the P&L over time for each component.

Strategy Comparison

Compare your strategy with 4 different scenario’s. Modify every component of your strategy to understand the risk and optimize the potential outcome of your options strategy. Select the best scenario and automate your strategy with just a view simple clicks.


Understand what happens to your P&L in different markets. With the What-If functionality you can set different potential movement of the underlying assets including the volatility over time.


The Analysis function allows traders to view strategies in a fully customizable 3D chart. The analysis possibilities are almost infinite. This tool allows traders to see all the values of the components of the structure over time and the movement of the underlying asset.


The beeTrader automatic Hedging function is a functionality never seen in any retail trading software. Traders can easily choose and configure the underlying asset that needs to be traded automatically to hedge the strategy. Lock in profits and manage down side risk to optimize profitability.


This very easy to use flowchart planning module allows traders to automate trade executions. Set your own stop-loss levels with many different parameters, without the need to code, but just by simply follow a flowchart.


With the volatility function traders can view volatility levels of any asset over time. This allows traders to make better decisions on market moment.

The beeTrader Volatility section is a complete set of options volatility analysis. Volatility Index, Options Smile, Skewness, Cone & Probability & Vega IN / OUT. Every essential tool for an options trader is present.

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